Discussion: Q2, Volume 36

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Re: Discussion: Q2, Volume 36

Postby Wulf Moon » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:45 am

RSchibler wrote:I started dreaming about a character (cliche I know) and decided I had to write her story. Then I found out I wasn’t all that good at writing - so I wrote a short story to practice. That was also terrible. So I wrote another one, finished the book, edited it, wrote another story. Somewhere along the way, writing just became something I did, and something I very much want to succeed at. To me, success would be pro short story sales, an agent, and books on the shelf in brick and mortars. And I’m working hard to make all that happen.

Books: would it be cheating to bring the Riftwar Cycle by Raymond Feist? They’re my favorites and there’s only 30 of them. Or so.

Happy Writing friends. One month and some change to deadline!

I like your definition of a successful career in writing, Becky. It matches my own. Especially the brick and mortar part. That's a guarantee your book is in print, and that you'll have something physical to sign to readers. There is a wonderful feeling of a book in hand with your story in it, and special warmth in your soul as a complete stranger, eyes beaming, asks you to sign it for them. At that moment, you are not just a writer. You become an author. In my book, that is a great thing to be, and a great moment I wish for all of you to experience.

Interesting choice on your favorite series. I read Feist long ago, even vigorously played his Krondor/Riftwar game. I bought his MAGICIAN: APPRENTICE at my prior signing at B&N--I hadn't read the Author's Preferred Edition. I am reading it now. It's a fun read, taking me back to younger days.

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Re: Discussion: Q2, Volume 36

Postby Retropianoplayer » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:11 am

I enjoyed reading the post by The Girl In The Glasses. A good title would be CHARTING MY WHY. It came across as honest, sincere, philosophical and universal. I agree with the sentiment.

Often, I think of purchasing a book as similar to walking into a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store (my favorite brand of ice cream). Although there are thirty-six flavors with all kinds of combinations, some people ordering malteds, milk shakes, banana sundaes, root-bear floats, Birthday cakes, occasion cakes, I know precisely what I want – either a mint chocolate chip single scoop in a cup, or a chocolate shake with no malted and using their fabulously rich chocolate ice cream in the blender. Undoubtedly, everyone else on line orders something entirely different to my order. Every time. Does it matter? Of course not. Everyone has different tastes in flavors. Does it diminish what they choose? No. Does it lessen what I choose? A strong negative.

Same thing when you step into a Barnes and Noble. There are a great deal of books to choose from inside. Now, the question is: WHICH BOOK, IF ANY, WILL YOU PART WITH YOUR PRECIOUS GREEN FRIENDS AND BUY? Do you purchase a book based on genre? Do you acquire a book based on its author?
The author's writing style? The presentation of the book, its art work, its cover?

When all is said and done, I believe (I'm not an expert) that what sells a story is the author's personal writing style. And if you are a fan of his or her style, the pages fly and you can't put the book down.

If I was forced on to a deserted island, I wouldn't want a book – I'd need the amazing abilities of a companion such as Lieutenant Commander Data from
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