SUPERSTARS Writing Seminar

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Re: SUPERSTARS Writing Seminar

Postby disgruntledpeony » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:02 am

So, I'm only halfway through the Seminars, but I can safely say that this has definitely been an educational, enlightening, and overwhelming experience (but the good kind of overwhelming, for the most part). I've already taken something like 20 pages of notes, I've practiced pitching a story, I've gotten books signed, and there's a lot more to come!
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Re: SUPERSTARS Writing Seminar

Postby crlisle » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:37 am

Wonderful! Your brain is probably very full.
I have been looking at the pics on Facebook from other attendees, and it looks like an event to not be missed.
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Re: SUPERSTARS Writing Seminar

Postby SwiftPotato » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:55 pm

I am officially HOME from Superstars! I know this is cliché, and I know it's been said a million times, but this seminar was life-changing. I didn't know what "drinking from a fire hose" really meant until I went Superstars. I'll be writing up a more coherent and informative post over in Moon's Super Secrets in the next week, but for now, all I have to say is: if you can make it happen next year, make it happen. This is a writing conference like no other. You will level up.
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Re: SUPERSTARS Writing Seminar

Postby Wulf Moon » Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:37 pm


I posted this to Super Secrets, and am posting here as well.

I encouraged the Forum to find a way to attend this amazing writing seminar, and many did. If you go to my Facebook page (wulf dot moon dot 94) you'll see a wonderful picture of our Forum group at dinner! We had four scholarship winners from the Forum in our group, including two that were awarded the very first Writers of the Future Superstars' Scholarships! And guess what? We had a surprise visit from Joni Labaqi! What a kick! Another surprise, and something new for me, every swag bag for attendees had WotF Vol. 35 in it! I've never had a story as part of a swag bag before. EVERYONE at the conference had a copy of Moongirl, and I loved having people come up asking me to sign their books! So that was pretty special, and another bonus of having WotF as your publisher.

Tremendous knowledge was shared from writers at the top of their game. You want to know how to indie publish and rise in the Amazon bestseller charts? James Hunter was there, #1 with his Viridian Gate novel, explaining release strategies. You want to have a pro go over the first three chapters of your novel? Eric Flint was there, giving one on one critiques. Is middle grade or YA the right place for you to be writing in? Jonathon Maberry explained the sweet spot. Do you want to create fascinating fantasy worlds? Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta went through detailed outlines of every aspect of worldbuilding and how to make your civilizations believable. How about crafting the perfect short story? David Farland did a Craft Day workshop on that, and I think all of our group attended (except me because I'm going to have two weeks with him total with the WotF workshops). There were pitch sessions with agents and editors, and I'm hearing some of you had exciting results from your pitch! But the most important thing of all at Superstars...some of you got to sing with me. Okay, maybe that wasn't the most important thing for you, but I was pretty thrilled you came to my folk and filk session, we had so much fun!

Finally, there is Tribe. You meet so many people just like you, trying to find their way, ready to give you encouragement and support. Not just at the seminar, but for the rest of your life. Superstars becomes family. They stand with you through time, as you will find out if you become a member. It is VERY important to have allies in this business, and you won't find a nicer bunch of professionals and aspiring professionals anywhere, highly focused on spec fic, I might add.

If you'd like to attend but are financially challenged, the scholarships are available to help those with needs get there. They are merit based, but you saw how many here have the writing skills necessary to meet their high standards. I'll try to let you know when scholarship applications open again for 2021. And if you have the means, as Ferris Bueller said, I highly recommend it. It's next level stuff, but if you're ready to make the jump to the next level, this is the place that will help you get there. Find a way to attend.

I hope to meet many more of you next year at Superstars! Plan for your future now! Or win Writers of the Future, that works, too, but this is something you can actually have some control over. :)

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