Fulltime, self-published author J.L. Doty

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Fulltime, self-published author J.L. Doty

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http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/2016/0 ... ers-in-sf/

After more than thirty years of writing SF&F with no commercial success, three years ago I decided to try self-publishing the four novels I’d finished. My stories went viral, and I have since sold close to 50,000 eBooks. Two years ago I quit my day job and started writing full time, my dream come true. I’m writing about 250,000 words a year (2-3 novels) and now have eight published novels. I recently finished a ninth under contract with Open Road Integrated Media, and I just sold a book to one of the big-5 publishers. Earlier this year I was admitted to SFWA based on my self-published sales.

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