Current Year Winners Interview

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Current Year Winners Interview

Postby cStuartHardwick » Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:31 am

Hi guys!

I'm a 2013 winner and have been having a blast blog-interviewing each class every year since--and making tons of cool new writer friends in the process. If you won in 2016, please stop by [url][/url] and say howdy so I can send this year's interview questions.

And welcome to the family!
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Re: Current Year Winners Interview

Postby Dustin Adams » Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:13 am

First Place – Dustin Steinacker from Utah
Second Place – Sean Hazlett from California
Third Place – Anton Rose from the United Kingdom

First Place – Doug Souza from California
Second Place – Emeka (Walter) Dinjos from Nigeria
Third Place – Stephen Lawson from Kentucky

First Place – Jake Marley from California
Second Place – Ville Merilainen from Finland
Third Place – C.L. Kagmi from Michigan

1st Place - Andrew Peery of Durham, North Carolina
2nd Place - Ziporah Hildebrandt of Shutesbury, Massachusetts
3rd Place - Andrew L. Roberts of San Lorenzo, California

Published finalists:
Molly Elizabeth Atkins from Missouri
David VonAllmen from Missouri
2x Finalist
2x Semi
4x Silver
9x HM
Eight EDF stories. DSF: Short Story. My Semi-F My Finalist #1

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