(Contest Unrelated) First Thousand Words Critique

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(Contest Unrelated) First Thousand Words Critique

Postby jeeohn » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:30 am

I really like s_c_baker's thread, but that's limited to the WoTF contest. I think it'd be helpful to have a similar thread for non-contest entries; they wouldn't be limited to science fiction, either.

Here are the guidelines:

1: Is it well written?

2: Does it keep your interest?

3: Is the plot forming?

4: Are the characters likeable?

5: Do you want to keep reading?

6: Other comments

I think a mini review with this outline would work wonders for many people who'd like critiques from like-minded folks of contest-unrelated work. And of course there's always the good ole in-line. :)

I'll get things started: I'd like the first thousand-ish words of a short story critiqued. Non science-fiction; first draft; work in progress. email is jeeeeohn@yahoo.com

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