10,000 and 2 x 1500

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10,000 and 2 x 1500

Postby Ishmael » Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:18 am

As well as the Q2 deadline, I have two more around the end of this month. My local arts festival is inviting 1500 word short stories in two categories. I am therefore open to exchanges for one of more of the following:

1. 10,000 word upgrade of former SF 750 flash (possible Q2)

2. 1,500 word upgrade of former Fantasy 750 flash

3. 1,500 word non-speculative First World War story

There are half a dozen or so forumites who have exchanged with me before and some of them have even risked repeating the exercise. Obviously my WotF record of one HM from a couple of years' worth of entries is not a great recommendation of my work but I tend to be quite competent when it comes to spotting problems in writing in other than my own.

Anyone interested, please PM me.
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Re: 10,000 and 2 x 1500

Postby TomKnighton » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:02 am

FWIW, I got good feedback from Ishmael when we exchanged a while back.

I'll be happy to do it again too, but the piece needs some self editing before it leaves my grubby little paws wotf001

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