F&SF exchange -- 9,600 words

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Elen Tel'Ithil
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F&SF exchange -- 9,600 words

Postby Elen Tel'Ithil » Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:09 am

If anyone has a story of comparable length that they'd like to swap with me (for F&SF or another market), just PM me or comment here that you'd like my email address for a crit swap!

If you'd like some background:
This story was a WotF HM this past quarter (vol 31, q4), but there's something wrong with it that I can't pin down. When my writers' group critted the first draft, they said the MC didn't change enough and/or that the MC's change at the end wasn't convincing. With subsequent drafts, I haven't received that particular complaint from any of my test readers, but I did have one reader comment, "I thought the end would be more punchy." So I feel like the ending probably still has a problem, and I would love feedback on that aspect in particular (as well as anything else you find noteworthy).

Edit: Sorry, had an old word count the first time.
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Corbin Maxwell
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Re: F&SF exchange -- 9,600 words

Postby Corbin Maxwell » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:31 pm

I have 10,000 words of what is going to go to F&SF when it's finished. It'll probably be about 25,000 total. My background is two contest wins, 10 HMs and One Semi with WOTF, and one book contract with a publisher with whom I'm waiting to get back my ms from the editor.

I'll swap with you if you want.
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