techno dystopia premise

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techno dystopia premise

Postby FictionMuse » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:14 am

“Every technological move toward privacy will be answered with a legal one aimed at shifting the equilibrium back toward surveillance: If law enforcement continues to be foiled by uncrackable encryption, it will come back with an order for “technical assistance,” demanding companies weaken their security measures and rewrite their code to help the cops. Some form of crypto backdoor might even be built in secret. And Congress still threatens to advance legislation that could ban user-­controlled encryption outright.” – Wired

— “Sorry sir, this bank no longer allows you to choose your own password.”

— “Sorry sir, this library no longer allows you to choose your own password.”

— “Sorry sir, this post office/UPS no longer allows you to ship packages without a verifiable street address that matches the street address on your ID.”

— “Sorry sir, you cannot check into this hotel because your drivers license/passport has been pinged.”

— “Sorry sir, you cannot buy this phone without sending your fingerprint to a law enforcement database.”

— “Sorry sir, you cannot use this Internet cafe without submitting your photo to a facial recognition database.”

— “Sorry sir, you cannot buy this printer/fax machine without a government mandated forensic/monitoring chip.”

— “Sorry sir, you cannot use this email service without registering your computer.”

— “Sorry sir, you’re under arrest for using a computer/Internet service that is not registered with local law enforcement.”

— “Sorry sir, you’re under arrest for developing/distributing/using encryption software without a high level security clearance from a Homeland supervised government agency.”

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Re: techno dystopia premise

Postby Ishmael » Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:17 am

"Sorry, sir, The USA does not recognize Asperger's Syndrome as reducing your responsibility for hacking government systems. We still want to extradite you and send you to jail."

The problem is, this one isn't fiction.
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