What's Up, Creator, Reader?

Specifics about craft, talent, technique, etc.
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What's Up, Creator, Reader?

Postby orbivillein » Sun Sep 02, 2018 4:32 am

Read a recent novel created by a standout celebrity fiction writer. Many grammar issues, errors, language shortfalls. Contributor acknowledgments recognize a likewise industry stalwart editor of the novel and a publisher, known for lax craft and grammar standards. None of the former would be named here due to considerations of injured sentiments.

The novel's several dramatic situations derivatively borrow diluted contexts from -- well, similar novels from the past seventy-five years, better received bestsellers and water-cooler gossip subjects, that is.

Readable and yet grammar, craft, expression, and appeal speed bumps twice or more every page or so. The language, often as stale as an idiom-riddled, hackneyed, trite, dead-dull small-talk conversation between strangers at a medical clinic's reception foyer. Much "As you know, Bob," and conversational recap tells of the relevant actions. Bloated wordiness. Melodrama. Formulaic plot and genre conventions.

What is most important for a story, long and short, fiction and nonfiction, any genre, any form, irrespective? That overtops patent deficits and defects? Reader effect? Rapport? Conflict's stakes risked forces? Complication's motivation forces? Tone's attitudes and forces? Subtext? Language? Obviously, not -- grammar? Writer reputation? Publisher reputation? Or other?

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