Yes, but can she type?

Specifics about craft, talent, technique, etc.
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Yes, but can she type?

Postby FictionMuse » Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:30 am

"She graduated from Starfleet Academy at the top of her class. She can operate a transporter, fire phasers, pilot shuttles, interpret sensor readings, analyse soil samples, translate Klingon, Romulan, and Vulcan , repair replicators, substitute navigate, and administer emergency medical treatment. In her spare time, she's taken courses in wormhole stimulation and maintenance, black hole astrophysics, time travel and alternate universe theories, and intergalactic diplomacy and Federation law. Oh and genetics orientation, basic star charting, and introduction to warp technology. Somehow, she even found time to raise a couple of healthy and happy children. She's on the brass' top 5 list of captain candidates." "Yes, but can she type?" "No, but she holds the patent on cutting edge voice-to-text software..."

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Re: Yes, but can she type?

Postby LDWriter2 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:47 pm

Hmm, can any of them type? Obviously Scotty could but how many others?
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