No Odds

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No Odds

Postby kentagions » Tue Oct 20, 2020 8:45 pm


I want to encourage you. Here goes. There are no odds to publication or to winning this contest. There is no equal chance of winning, so stop thinking about how many people might submit to a market or enter this contest. Stop thinking about numbers.

Only good, well written stories get published. Only good, well written stories win. To arrive at "good," study the current market. To arrive at "well written," study writing in any way that improves your writing until it compares favorably with work currently for sale.

Read what is selling in your preferred genre. Write to the level that is selling. Submit. Repeat.

No odds, just work. Now say, "I can do that."


KD Julicher
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Re: No Odds

Postby KD Julicher » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:00 am

This isn't a game of chance. It's skill. You can improve skill. When you start getting HMs you know you're hitting the target. SHM means you're getting closer. SF is the inner ring, so very close - and Finalist is the bullseye. (Actually winning is just gravy. That's the hardest part to control because the judges vary every quarter.)

Aim for the next ring in, every time. If you're getting Rs you want to hit HM. If you're a Finalist, you want to be there again. You get feedback every three months on how you're doing and in this business, that's golden!
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