Can't read can't write

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Re: Can't read can't write

Postby Agathon » Wed Jan 06, 2021 8:05 pm

Mr H wrote: It is a super-long sentence. ... Question: Is the rest of the book like that??

Well, yeah. It's a really long sentence. Could you quit reading it once you started? I don't think more periods would change that. That's the point.

I have never found a short story by this author. His books tend to be long. Sentences are long or short as the scene requires. He's given to the same flowery language throughout. He was extremely successful writing historical comedies but his audience was in the UK.

Mr H, would you mind telling me your age? It might help me advise you on the question in your original post.
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Re: Can't read can't write

Postby Mr H » Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:36 am

Somewhere in the middle.

As far as reading goes it seems not to matter. You get your Matilda's and then you have adults who can't read and get their own ad on tv for assistance there are so many. Why should their stories be silenced?? Why should they not want to write?? In fact they should want it more and may be willing to do more to achieve their goals in that regard. So on.

I recently read a snippet from the start of a novel, Dickens maybe, that sounded a lot like the one below, above... whatever. It was about the street and such, probably snow, no doubt. May have been a Christmas Carol? One of them, possibly all.
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