Quarter 3, Writers & Illustrators of the Future, Vol 34

Only quarterly results.
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Quarter 3, Writers & Illustrators of the Future, Vol 34

Postby manderson » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:27 pm

Figured I would throw this topic up as it seems to be missing.

I submitted in late June and received a confirmation email saying that I was successfully entered into the contest for Q3. Have not heard anything related to Q3 since. I've seen the signatures of several posters signifying that they have received rejections, honorable mentions, silver honorable mentions, and finalist results from Q3. Seems like either my story is still being evaluated somehow or I missed the rejection correspondence. I've been advised to contact Joni, which I'll probably do in a few days if nothing becomes clear by then.

Feel free to post your results below! Great to have these forums as a resource. Good luck to all! :)

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