David Gerrold, Norman Spinrad, and Star Trek

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David Gerrold, Norman Spinrad, and Star Trek

Postby FictionMuse » Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:04 pm

Norman Spinrad just can’t catch a break.

As part of an attempted comeback and as an attempt to break into drama, Berle asked Roddenberry to give him a serious part in a Star Trek episode. So Norman Spinrad wrote, “He Walked Among Us,” about an sociologist who violated the Prime Directive. But Gene Coon turned the script into a comedy. Spinrad appealed to Roddenberry, who cancelled the whole project.

The script got lost because California State University at Fullerton, where Spinrad stored his papers, lost their funding for the project and his papers went who knew where. Fast forward 50 years and a fan at a convention asked Spinrad to autograph a script. Turns out the script was “He Walked Among Us.”

Upon hearing that the script had resurfaced, David Gerrold of “Trouble with Tribbles” fame, now a showrunner for the fan produced Star Trek Phase II, announced he would turn the script into a Phase II episode. Upon hearing that Gerrold planned to use the script, CBS intervened and claimed ownership of the script. CBS wants to reserve all unpublished scripts for possible use in the film franchise.

So Spinrad has had the rug pulled out from under him AGAIN.

After CBS shut down Gerrold’s plans to use Spinrad’s script, he announced that Phase II would no longer accept outside submissions and that all future Phase II episodes would be based on staff written scripts.

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Re: David Gerrold, Norman Spinrad, and Star Trek

Postby Muri McCage » Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:27 pm

Oh, that is just heartbreaking. Horrible setbacks happen to a lot of people, but sometimes it seems some individuals get more than their fair share.
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