Ruined, ruined by Mike Resnick

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Ruined, ruined by Mike Resnick

Postby FictionMuse » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:11 am

Every issue of Asimov's, I try to read Sheila Williams' or Robert Silverberg's column. Every issue of Galaxy's Edge, I try to read Barry Malzberg's column. I can't do it. Same for any other columnist, no matter what the topic. Not since discovering Mike Resnick's columns. Mike doesn't ponder and wonder, he doesn't extrapolate and pontificate, he regales with tales. His columns are as insightful as they are delightful. And since he's a walking encyclopedia of speculative fiction, he never runs out of material. Having sampled enough of Mike's columns, I can't get past 4 paragraphs of anyone else's column without my eyes glazing over. I am ruined, ruined. I have warned Mike more than once that if he ever tries to give up writing columns, he might as well give up the convention circuit too. Because at every convention, his fans would chain him to a computer until he wrote at least one more column. Those of you who have not indulged, you need to go ahead and get yourself addicted.

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