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This is a place to welcome new members and to discuss the Forum as a way to serve writers and illustrators.
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Welcome to the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Forum!

Postby Martin L. Shoemaker » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:26 am

Welcome to the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Forum. The Forum has been created to provide a place for aspiring writers and artists to meet other like-minded writers and artists, individuals interested in pursuing a dream of becoming a writer or artist. In this forum, you will meet people from all over the world, aspiring to success as either a writer or artist, or perhaps both.

The Forum follows the original mission statement as provided by the Writers of the Future Contest founder, L. Ron Hubbard:

A culture is as rich and as capable of surviving as it has imaginative artists. The artist is looked upon to start things. The artist injects the spirit of life into a culture. And through his creative endeavors, the writer works continually to give tomorrow a new form.

In these modern times, there are many communication lines for works of art. Because a few works of art can be shown so easily to so many, there may even be fewer artists. The competition is very keen and even dagger sharp.

It is with this in mind that I initiated a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.

— L. Ron Hubbard, from the Introduction to Writers of the Future Volume 1

You will always be welcome in this forum as long as you adhere to our simple rules.

    1. Slanderous statements against the Forum, its members or the Contest are not allowed and will be removed immediately when found by a Moderator.

    2. Promoting products, services or websites not directly affiliated with Writers of the Future are not allowed and will be removed immediately when found by a Moderator. Sharing links to external sites (to show off your work and solicit critiques, to share your successes, or to share tips on craft and business) may be tolerated at the discretion of the Moderators, but blatant sales pitches and other attempts to use the Forum for commercial or illicit purposes will be removed. The Moderators have sole authority to decide which links are appropriate.

    3. Actions which violate our Anti-Harassment policy are not allowed. (See the related post for the policy.)

    4. Many youths visit this Forum--indeed, the Writers of the Future anthologies are designed to be acceptable reading for youths and adults alike, and are marketed to schools and educators. As such, members are reminded to refrain from obscenities and profanity. (You can never go wrong keeping language PG in a public Forum.)

These rules will be enforced by Forum Moderators. The first infraction will receive a warning. The second infraction will result in the violating member having their membership terminated.

It's simple. Have fun, play nice, and add to the positive environment this Forum has enjoyed for 10 years. Winners DO happen here!

Thank you and wishing you success with your career as a writer or artist!

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