TOC for Galaxy's Edge #35

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TOC for Galaxy's Edge #35

Postby Mike Resnick » Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:57 pm

The Editor’s Word
Relative Fortune, by Brian K. Lowe
The Convincer, by Eleanor R. Wood
The More It Changes, by Harry Turtledove
The Rat Race of Tomorrow, by Larry Hodges
A Multitude of Sparks Descend, by Marc A. Criley
Unto the Daughters, by Nancy Kress
Livecasting My Descent into the Martial Underworld, by Dantzel
Author of Her Own Misfortune, by David L. Hebert
A Better Mousetrap, by Mercedes Lackey
Cat Lady, by Susan Taitel
A Waltz in Eternity, by Gregory Benford
Jennifer’s Lover, by Robert Silverberg
Recommended Books, by Jody Lynn Nye & Bill Fawcett
God Needs Collaborators (article), by Larry Niven
Decoherence (column). by Robert J. Sawyer
The Galaxy’s Edge Interview: Joy Ward Interviews Michael
Serialization: Tomnorrow and Tomorrow (Part 2) by Charles
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